Monday, August 27, 2012

Jesus and Perfume

As a feminist I struggle with how women are portrayed in the bible. Jezebel didn't do us any favors nor did Eden when it came to using their sensuality to misrepresent the rest of us .  In fact, I find great difficulty  in sitting in my calm space while listening to how we are the stumbling blocks of the entire men race. Really? My bra strap that falls out of my side shoulder caused him to go masturbate during a porn video.  Wow, such great power we women have and society wonders why young girls struggle with their bodies, self image and sensuality. We vomit the word modesty from the time they twirl around in skirts we (mothers) dressed them in .  I often dwell in the passage where Jesus met that sinner ungodly perfumed woman . I am entertained how the men who noticed her immorality were the pharisees who did not hesitate to point the big fat finger of warning. From the time I have been a christian twirling in my short skirts, I am always pointed to the grace and forgiveness Jesus showed at the dinner table. Alas! Let us pause and rewind before that moment of what every woman wants from Jesus and magnify the men who noticed and the man that loved . Jesus is sinless , overcame temptation and never went in a situation without taking inventory during his prayer. So my point is men who struggle with such sinful animal lusts of that hot girl who sits in the front,  take inventory and pray because no one can be sinless Jesus. Be honest and know that its normal. Notice I didn't say moral. Jesus embraced that woman at the table and saw her pain while the pharisees judged  after  they most likely masturbated ten different lustful images of her. My sense is she smelled good and looked incredibly sexy. She came in and met Jesus where she was at in all her immodesty , fell to her feet and revealed her heart. That's femininity power at its finest and a man who didn't blame her for it.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lost & Looking

Sometimes it won't be lace & hot pink but it still wants attention


Saturday, June 04, 2011

I AM my bra.

I find it amusing how we as women invest in something so delicate to define our womanhood, sexuality, and now even mothering. In all areas a bra appears to look different and even feel different. Over the years of mothering, I have come to a place of serenity that mine will be stretched to a place of no return. Nursing four babies seems to take all the delicate beauty and warp it in some wired item . However I am a woman of change and it has come to my attention that it is time to let go those Johnson & Johnson years moving forward to a place of much needed redememption. I became a wife and mother but a woman I AM. "Where's my bra?" and what exactly does that mean ? It has different meanings with different ages, different places, and YES ladies, different men even the imagined ones. I implore you to search for your bra in where you sit today. Are you wearing one? Does it need to be washed or thrown out to die somewhere. Are you dying in your bra? Is it time to replace your "mom bra" with a reminder that you were once sexually inclinded to leave it somewhere and forget. Now that's a cool bra.